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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The question has been asked of me, why have I said I would never post about evolution v. intelligent design.

The answer is that I commented nicely about this subject on someone's blog and some other commenters jumped all over me and called me names. I see this a lot about this issue, and I have to say that when people react violently to other people's expressed opinions I think that is very telling.

Look at this thoughtful and interesting blog post, and then scroll down and look at some of the comments. Here is one sample sentence: "Perfesser, you are a lying sack of doo-doo." Charming, right? Mature and nuanced.

C.S. Lewis had a teacher in his youth who had this motto: "Let us never live with amousia, the absence of the Muses." That means that we should remember to include beauty in our lives, of course, in the form of art and music and poetry and what not, but it also means that we should avoid ugliness. I do not mind it when people disagree with me. I do mind when they tell me I am stupid and call me names because we disagree. It's unnecessary and I won't put up with it. Life's too short.

So I wish we could all (all of us who care) have honest and civil discussions about this issue. If we don't reach consensus, at least we may each develop our own understandings a little further, which would be a good thing.

And on a lighter note, I wonder how much of my tendency to want to see both arguments presented fairly and weighed against each other has to do with my being a Libra! Ha ha.


change destiny said...

Well , I think you are partially right . You are right because calling names and reacting with hostility is wrong imature . But , This is your blog . You've got the right to speak tour mind and discuss whatever you wanna discuss. And even if it wasn't your blog , since commenting is allowed , you should be able to discuss your honest opinion even if you disagree with everyone .
There's an old arabic quote that says " My opinion is right with the possibility of its being wrong . And the opinion opposing my own is wrong with the possibility of its being right . Different opinions should not ruin friendship . "

By the way my father used to be an evolutionist . He went to prison for six years in the past for what he believed . But still he never gave his opinion or freedom of speach up .

Thanks for answering my question .

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Change destiny, your father's story makes me ashamed to whine about a little uncivil name-calling. I need to grow a thicker skin. I would be very interested to know more about what happened with him. And I didn't realize that evolution was controversial anywhere besides here.

Would I have the guts to go to prison over my beliefs? I don't know.