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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Okay, events of the last two months.

There's too much to sum up in the usual narrative way, so I'll try to do this in outline form.

I Housing
A We intended to come here in 2007, rent for a year while we looked around, and then buy a house. But we never bought.
1 My job immediately became unstable and never really settled down.
2 Indications were that housing prices were still falling. I think they still are.
B We were OK renting where we were, but then it turned out that the landlords had been taking our rent money and not paying their note, so the house is being foreclosed on. There's some other stuff that I'm not talking about here but it's pretty irritating.
C Not much luck finding a place to move to, still wanting to rent a bit longer - R says "I don't want to be one of those people" - but then it turned out that the house right next door to us was available for month-to-month rent while the people who bought it (another foreclosure) at auction got the legal stuff straightened out so they could sell. So we moved next door.
D The new house has some different features. Useful to change the landscape now and then so you don't collect stuff you don't need without realizing it. One of the features is a swimming pool. Yes, we have taken advantage and will continue to.

II Job
A Not going to say too much about the current job, except that it's a bit stressful, long hours, and I haven't regretted taking it for even a nanosecond. That's partly because
B The previous place is closing down next week. I actually went in on Saturday to produce certificates of analysis for two last railcars of REFINED GLYCERIN (now it can be told) so the guys will hopefully get a last check. It beats me how people ... well, never mind.

Visited us this weekend. She enjoyed the pool. We enjoyed having her. I'd put brilliant pink towels in the guest bathroom, which she thought were pretty, and then she turned around and saw the BRILLIANT pink shower curtain I'd bought, with rows of flamingos marching back and forth. OMG. She's 23 and I can still surprise her. I put some catfish and buttered rice and fried okra in her a little while ago and sent her back on her way.

Is doing OK. He actually has come to work for us. I am his boss now. So far it's going all right.

V The cats

I reckon that's about it. Long hours, as I've said. Hopefully this will ease up before long. Anyway, am still gainfully employed and that's the main thing.