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Saturday, October 29, 2005

We get an extra hour tonight. I wish they would leave it alone. I remember F's indignation the first time she noticed losing that hour in the Spring - "Are they going to do something about that?"

R and I visited F at school today. We took her and a friend to McDonald's and to WalMart, walked around campus a little, looked at old yearbooks in the library, ate dinner in the cafeteria. It's right for her to be away from home so she can separate from us and finish growing up, but we miss having a young'un around the house. I've read that "freedom is when the last child leaves home and the dog dies" and I think that's funny in a limited kind of way, but maybe the person who came up with that statement didn't have as nice a kid as we do. Besides, we have cats, ha ha. Molly is leaning on the keyboard right now. She's gotten too sophisticated to try to catch the cursor, like she used to do.


Tarek said...

Never knew you have Summer Time Saving in USA before.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

We call it Daylight Saving Time and I hate it.

But it always falls on a Saturday night and I always think it's funny in the Spring to be leaving church at noon and seeing people come into the parking lot in their church clothes - they forgot to run their clocks forward.