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Thursday, April 13, 2006

It seems to me that with a little prudent behavior, one can cross entire catagories of horrifying experiences off one's list.

A man who eschews drunken parties with a stripper who is a stranger to him, and whose propensity for extortion he doesn't know, doesn't have to worry about false accusations of raping that stripper.

A woman who turns down the offer to mimic sexual availability in a very explicit way to a bunch of 20-year-old men at a drunken party, with no one to protect her if they find her act convincing, doesn't have to worry about being raped at that party.

In the Duke Lacross team case, as with the Kobe Bryant case and a whole bunch of others that we've seen in recent years, it looks like one party is criminal and the other is all but criminally stupid.

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