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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Had coffee this PM with the Class Factotum. She is the first virtual person I have met in real life. We yakked for 4 hours and agreed to do it again. Also sucked into the conversation a random person at whose table we had to sit because everybody and his puppydog decided to go to Starbuck's today. He thought it was cool that two women were having a Serious Conversation.

Also got some advice today regarding my two-day migraine. The CF suggests ditching OTC meds in favor of prescription stuff, which I will definitely discuss with my doctor. Joy at church wonders if I am approaching The Change. Hm. I'm 46, which may be a bit young, but on the other hand I suppose one could "approach" for several years, which is a really horrifying thought. R wonders if I am stressed. Well, that is a given and has been for several years. I expect to be un-stressed when I am dead.


class factotum said...

Amazing how two women who have never met each other can have so much to say! I enjoyed it!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Ed was certainly impressed.

: )

CreoleInDC said...

Laura...I HAVE to tell you about Relpax. My migraines used to kill me before this stuff. It really works.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Thanks, Monnie. I'm going to look all this stuff up and be very prepared when I talk to my doctor.

Relpax sez it doesn't mix with ketaconazole ... I wonder if it matters that I use Nizoral shampoo! One more thing to fret about!