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Friday, August 29, 2008

I am so pumped. Seriously. I am so excited. We are going to have a woman VP. And what a woman.

I read about Sarah Palin months ago on Secondhand Smoke, when Wesley reported that she found out her last baby had Down Syndrome during the pregnancy and she and her husband chose life for him. Everything else I read about her I liked too ... she's a strong conservative and I like that, being somewhat conservative, myself. When I learned that she was on McCain's short list I had my fingers crossed.

I think she'll make a great VP. But also, I hope that her son's story will give people second thoughts about the automatic choice so many seem to think necessary, to abort babies who have Down Syndrome and other challenges. Women report being told, in the same office visit that they get their amnio result, that they need to go on and schedule the abortion right away ... it's assumed that they'll have one. If they have the baby, they report being asked why they didn't abort. Nzingha reported that. We need to bring that culture-of-death stuff to a squeaking halt.

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