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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does anybody but me think the INVESTIGATION of Joe Wurzelbacher is creepy as hell?

The man opened his mouth and expressed doubt at Obama's plans for taxing small businesses, and for this his tax records, voting records, and God knows what else have been minutely scrutinized, mischaracterized, and reported to the entire world?

FOX News contributor Howard Wolfson, former Hillary Clinton spokesman, had at it when Joe the Plumber was broached as a topic on air Friday morning.

"He's not a plumber, his name's not Joe and he would actually get a tax cut under Barack Obama," he said. "What it says is that John McCain's campaign didn't vet Joe the Plumber."


And may I add, after this, Hillary Clinton's spokesman is the last person who ought to say anything.

Feeling Plumber Fatigue, Media Turn on 'Joe'

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