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Thursday, December 25, 2008

We went downtown today to look at the birds on Lake Morton and get some pix.

Here's an egret. These birds make us think of Edward Gorey sometimes.

I like this shot of a seagull in flight.


Don't know what this is - it's backlit so you can't see the interesting patterns on its back. It's some kind of fisher.


There were lots of seagulls.

As always, swans.

Turtles sunning

Some kind of blossoming tree - the leaves look mimosa-like but the blossoms don't.

This is definitely some kind of mimosa but it's different from the ones back home - the leaves are bigger and the blossoms are deep fuschia.

Roses - they look more like wild roses than cultivated but they smell really wonderful.

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Nancy said...

Nice photos - especially the birds. Looks like a beautiful place!