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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another weekend, another dollar.

Yesterday we went to Kissimmee for various reasons, one of which was for me and F to practice driving to the airport in Orlando b/c her visiting Memphis friend goes back Tuesday. That didn't go real well. I will be taking off work Tuesday to pick her friend up and take her to the airport. To make a long story short, due apparently to amblyopia that didn't get totally resolved despite our best efforts, F can't see well out of her left eye and therefore can't see cars coming up alongside her in order to merge into traffic and so forth. We discovered this first in the midst of trying to make that drive, then with her sitting in the parked car and me walking around it - at the crucial spot I could see her face but she couldn't see me. She's been knowing that she wasn't using that eye a lot of the time but we didn't realize that her vision was so negatively affected. So this is kind of a drag. It does make her driving phobia more understandable, of course. F will be working with her sideview mirror to take up the slack, but in the meantime she will have to not drive on the expressway.

And then she's got some other stuff going on too, and is fairly stressed; so her friends having eaten pizza during our driving-to-the-airport ordeal, R and I took her to dinner at Abuelo's. In addition to her delicious chicken fajita salad, F had the first margarita of her life. She ended that meal very relaxed and perhaps a bit giggly, so that was a plus.

Had a lazy day today. R and I ate popcorn and watched "Supernova".


Mrs. Who said...

Bless your daughter's it something that can be treated or helped by glasses?

Mrs. Who said...

I mean...has it been treated as far as it can can be?

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Oh, yes, she's had glasses since she was 5, and we did vision therapy for a while; she had her lenses updated every 4 to 6 months for several years in order to keep up with her rapidly-increasing myopia and try to make her eyes work together. There was a period of time when I didn't think she would ever drive at all.

What happened was that she had two separate amblyopia screenings in preschool, one positive and one negative. I took her to get checked out at age 3 and after a very thorough checkup they told me no on the amblyopia. At age 5 her eyes started crossing, I took her back, and they told me she had had amblyopia and it was too late to patch. Kind of frustrating but sometimes everybody does the best they can and stuff happens anyway.

Kate P said...

That's a bit of a rough time. (Good thing there are margaritas to smooth things over.)