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Monday, March 20, 2006

Here's a funny thing that happened at work. It happened Wednesday before last, but because I left to go out of town at the end of the day and didn't come back until the weekend, I forgot to tell my family or blog about it.

My group has a meeting every Wednesday at 10:00. On this day I told them that late in the day on the previous Friday I was one of two people left in the building and was sitting in my office when I heard a noise. It turned out to be the pipet washer, which had been left running in the lab behind me. I turned it off, of course. I told my group that while they might think it wouldn't have been a big deal to leave it running over the weekend, since it just drains into the sink, you never know when a drain will get clogged somehow. We would have walked into a huge mess on Monday if that had happened. So if people turn on the pipet washer, they should keep an eye on it and be sure to turn it off. They're all too polite to openly roll their eyes but I knew they were thinking, yeah, whatever.

R and I had to run an errand at lunch that day, so I left at noon and didn't get back until 1:40. When I came in, I saw one of those "wet floor" things in the lab next to my office and I wondered about it briefly. Well, you can guess what had happened: someone had left the pipet washer running when she went to lunch, and somehow a funnel tumbled into the sink and stopped the drain. Just in that short period of time a whole lot of water ran into the floor and it took five people and a shop-vac to clean it up.

They all told me it was my fault.
: )

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