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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My poor kid ...

F was on spring break week before last, but she HAD to make a flying visit home this weekend in order to attend MidSouthCon - she would have burst into flames if she could not. So she came home Friday evening and her dad and I drove her back to school this afternoon. We got to her little college town in time for her to run up to her dorm room real quick and then we took her to dinner.

The waitress mentioned that she was tired, and we said we were tired too, and that we had to drive back to Memphis after we ate (3 hour trip). Why were we there? Well, we had to bring the kid back to school. The waitress, looking puzzled, asked F what school she goes to. F looked puzzled back at her. I told the waitress, well, she's a student at [name of F's college], and her jaw dropped. Look of utter shock. F ducked her head in embarrassment. I gently told the waitress that F will be nineteen at the end of the week - double shock. Well, at least she didn't give F the kids' menu - that happens sometimes. And someday she will appreciate her youthful look.


jason said...

i was a baby face myself. i was routinely asked for ID when i purchased alcohol until i was 26 or 27. i did miss it when they stopped asking for an id. how do they know?

Laura(southernxyl) said...

I occasionally shock people with my age, which I don't understand, because when I look in a mirror I see a middle-aged hag. But it's a lot nicer to have that happen at 45 than at 18.