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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Poor F is at home. She was supposed to come home Tuesday evening for Thanksgiving, but she called last Friday - Come get me. The doctor at the minor medical said sinusitis and an ear infection, but I'm not convinced it's not a relatively mild case of flu. She would not say it's mild, but she's been much sicker with flu than this. The thinking was that F would come home, go to the doctor and get antibiotics if appropriate, sleep in her own bed, and go back today. They always plan some pretty intense stuff during the two days before Thanksgiving break because so many kids want to go home the previous weekend and not come back. So F was pretty upset when she turned out to feel so bad this afternoon that going back was out of the question. But she emailed her professors to tell her sad story, and she's already heard back from one telling her not to worry, she can make her work up when she comes back.

Of course she didn't pack for a week at home so R and I made a run to Target to get her some more underwear and stuff. Her roommate told her that if she plays her cards right I will buy her an entire new wardrobe.

***Update 11/20. Not being filled with confidence by the doctor at the minor medical, R took F to her pediatrician today. He sez it's the flu. I am not surprised. Fever and body aches don't logically follow from ear infections and sinusitis, especially in this kid who had multiple ear infections, sinus infections, and bacterial pneumonia at age 4 with no fever. All but one of her teachers are being merciful, I'm glad to say. She has a note from the doctor, just in case.

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