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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It seems our new Congressman Steve Cohen is in the news, at least in this internet publication.

I think Congressman Cohen tries really, really hard to assume other people's good will. Sometimes it backfires on him, as when he lost the primary to Ford Jr. 10 years ago and made some angry statements afterward about how he'd thought we had all gotten past the race nonsense. (I thought, don't know why you thought that, no one else does.) To clarify - in this primary, Cohen came with years of experience serving the same consituents in the State Senate, and Harold Ford Jr. came straight out of lawschool. Cohen thought his years of service would stand up against his opponent being black, and a Ford, and he said as much; then he got his head handed to him.

But seriously, if we ever do get past all the race nonsense it will be because of people like him who try very hard to just forge straight ahead as though racism and racists don't exist. I support him in that, although me being a conservative Republican, and him a liberal Democrat, he probably will never get my vote. : )


CreoleInDC said...

Forging ahead is the best I think we can do regarding race relations. The past just has too much ugly mixed up in it.

Smooches friend! (Even if you are a conservative republican! LOL!)

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Ha ha. As I say to my husband, when he wonders why we stay in the overwhelmingly liberal Democrat church we are active in, it is all about the diversity: as in, they need us to provide some.

: )

Lisa said...

Did you read on Protein Wisdom where Rep. Cohen has been denied membership in the Congressional Black Caucus? I'm appalled. It was formed to help black constituents, not black legislators.

And why didn't I know you were from Memphis?! I'm only two hours away. We could've been eating at the Rendezvoux!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Lisa - give me a holler next time you're in town. You, too, Monnie, if you ever get out this way.