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Thursday, February 07, 2008

I made soup this evening. Why did I make soup this evening? Because R is down with a pretty wretched case of influenza. I am symptom-free right now but trying to plan ahead. If I come down with flu before he gets well enough to drive we'll be glad for some homemade chicken soup in the fridge. Even if I don't get sick we'll be glad for some homemade chicken soup in the fridge.

No, we did not get the shot this year. Because we are idiots.

Earlier in the week I was at a conference in Orlando. Had a good time, learned some things, met my former employers in Memphis. They acted glad to see me. They did finally replace me after I told them repeatedly that I was not coming back. (And I am still grateful to them for keeping my job open, which kept me from being terminally bummed out when I thought I didn't have a job here any longer.)

Last week I had lunch with the salesman who initiated contact between me and these people here. He was appalled to find out that the plant had mostly shut down and was fairly apologetic but I told him that we all feel that the move to Florida was the right thing to do, regardless. He has other contacts in the area and I am to call him if my situation changes.

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