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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My poor blog. I'm not dead, really.

I'm having a bit of tendinitis, in my left shoulder; have been for several weeks. My range of motion is limited, strength is decreased, and it's fairly painful. I'm taking celebrex and ibuprofen, using Biofreeze and the occasional ice pack, and had a cortisone injection into the joint space last Monday. Gentle stretching, trying not to overuse it and irritate it further, which is problematic in the laboratory. It's still just me in the lab, although we are in the process of getting at least some part-time help. My mom suggests that this may actually be arthritis. I'll talk to the orthop. about it when I go back in May. Anyway, I'm functional and all but I don't feel like being very expressive about my life right now.

F tells me that the increase in her Nadolol dosage appears to be pretty effective in preventing her migraines. She is now having the experience I had at half the dose, of feeling tired and stressed when school is driving her nuts, and finding herself wondering where her headache is. Also, she gets the visual disturbances - arcs of light obscuring her vision and so forth - braces for the headache to follow, and it never happens. This is victory. It's got her tremor fairly knocked down too, which is a plus.

And she's worked out how to ship and/or store her stuff at the end of the semester, allowing her to fly home as opposed to somebody having to drive her and her things. (She has no car.) We put money in her account today so she can book her flight. If she were in school closer to us, it would be so much more convenient for us to work all this stuff out ... which is why she needed to not be in school closer to us. I'm a take-charge, work-it-out kind of person and I frequently have to make myself not solve problems so that other people get the chance to do it.

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