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Friday, November 14, 2008

Brief shoulder update.

I have been off Celebrex for about a week now. I'm still taking turmeric, and that will probably continue indefinitely, but otherwise no pain meds.

When I read that adhesive capsulitis can last for up to two years I thought that I wouldn't survive that long. But the painful stage is mostly behind me. There's some pain when I get to the end of my range of motion: when I reach to the side, for instance, or too far in front. Last July and August, though, even with both Ultram and Celebrex, it was fairly excruciating just to pull up my pants. One can imagine what a drag that is. It came to my attention this morning that it really didn't hurt to get dressed, so there's definitely been some progress. I can't put my hand on my hip - it just won't go there, because the arm won't rotate in far enough - and I can't cross my arms on my chest. Putting on or taking off anything with long sleeves is an adventure. But the range of motion is continuing to increase in all directions so I reckon eventually I will wear this thing out. I'm thinking late Spring for the end of it, which will mean that it will have been about one year. Pity the people for whom it does last two years, and especially the small group who get it in both shoulders at the same time. They must be utterly disabled.

In other news, my dad called this evening to remind me that a shuttle launch was scheduled. I walked out to the end of the street, got there about 5 minutes before the launch, and called him to tell him I could see it. During the day you can see the sun glinting on the body of the shuttle. This was the first night launch I've seen, and what I saw was the rocket fire. It would be really cool if we could arrange for him to visit sometime when a launch is scheduled.


CreoleInDC said...

I'm really glad you're no longer taking pain meds! That's a huge step!

My girlfriend, the real life rocket scientist who actually worked on the shuttle never lets me miss a launch. It is one of the few things I naturally grin at with the excitement of a kid!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Yeah, I was trepidatious about stopping those things but I'm really OK. I hope I have seen the last of this, apart from the gradual return of my range of motion. I hope to God it never comes back.

I would go up on the shuttle tomorrow if they would take me.