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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama reviewing drilling, stem cells

Among the measures Mr Podesta raised were the Bush administration's move to authorise oil and gas drilling in the western state of Utah, and embryonic stem cell research, which Mr Bush has limited because he views it as destruction of human life.

"They want to have oil and gas drilling in some of the most sensitive, fragile lands in Utah that they're going to try to do right as they are walking out the door. I think that's a mistake," he said.

Oh, let's worry about the sensitive, fragile lands in Utah but totally disregard the destruction of human life. Is it just me, or is this a bit off-key?

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theobromophile said...

Stopping by your blog, because I haven't been here in ages.

Very much agree that it's a little strange to care more about the fragile lands than about human life. It sounds, in fact, more like a mockery of progressives than something that a politician would actually say.

It'll be an... interesting... four years, to say the least.