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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pet peeve time. Etymology is a wonderful thing, folks. It keeps you from making dumb spelling errors.

In a word of Hebrew origin, "el" sometimes (not always) means "God". "Bethel" means "House of God". "Joel" means "The Lord is God".

Genesis 32 tells an odd little story about Jacob, son of Isaac, and the night he spent wrestling with an angel. After he finishes wrestling, he is renamed "Israel", which may be translated "he struggles with God".

See the -el on there? "Isra-el". "Israel". Not "Isreal".

Moving on, Greek for God is "Theus", (Zeus), similar to Latin "Deus". "Theodore" is "Gift of God". "Theology" is the study of God. A theist or a deist is a person who believes in God. An atheist, a-theist, is a person who says there is no God. It amazes me when people DESCRIBE THEMSELVES as "athiests". Do you not know what you are?

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