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Thursday, December 31, 2009

...Among other things, I saw a street corner prophet yesterday. He had his car off the road, with a sound system in the trunk, and was yelling into a microphone. I had a long red light, so could hear a lot of his message. When the light turned green I had to go, but I wished there was somewhere I could pull over to hear the rest of it.

How you gonna give billions and trillions of dollars away, when you ain't got it no mo? Huh?

How you gonna give billions
and trillions
of dollars away
when you ain't

People going into DEBT to give away MONEY THEY DON'T HAVE!

God gave me a vision last night.

I saw a box thrown out of heaven. It looked like a meteorite. And I saw
EXPLOSIVES wrapped around them.


You cannot CURSE what God has BLESSED!
And you cannot BLESS what God has CURSED!

...And then the light turned green.

1 comment:

Mrs. Who said...

Sounds like he needs his own radio talk show...we need more plain speakers like that!