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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Y'all, it is such a hardship to live here.

After a stormy Friday, temperatures are expected to plummet during the weekend.

Bay News 9 is forecasting temperatures that will reach a high in the mid- to upper 60s today. The low will drop into the lower 50s .

On Sunday, the high will only reach the upper 50s. Lows will drop to the brisk low 40s.

Monday morning will be the coldest day, with lows in the upper 30s. Highs will be in the low 60s.

A chance for patchy frost is possible. Freeze warnings could be possible for areas to the north.

Weather System to Send Shivers Into Polk

Highs will plummet into the 60s and upper 50s! Oh noes!


theolderepublicke said...

As someone who's lived in Chicago for about 6 years and still can't get used to the winters, I should send my condolences :)

Merry Christmas!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Yeah, I actually had to put on a long sleeved shirt today. Oh the humanity.

Merry Christmas to you, too!