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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


When I picked Gnat up from the after-school program she was in the auditorium, listening to a lecture.

“And we should remember that when we cut down the forest to build shops and houses that these are homes for animals,” said the lecturer.

Why do they do this to little kids who can't think critically? When F was in the second grade her school had a speaker who told the kids that every time they ate a hamburger, they were helping to destroy the Amazon rainforest. She refused to eat the hamburger I prepared for her dinner that night. I was so irritated - it felt like somebody had gone into my kitchen and thrown out food. I finally asked her if her school cafeteria served hamburgers. Well, yes, they did. "Wouldn't you think that if they were that torn up about it, they would stop serving hamburgers?" Uh, yeah, come to think of it. "Don't let yourself be jerked around. Eat your burger." And that was that.

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