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Thursday, January 05, 2006

One more day in my week off. I haven't done everything I expected to do. Today was mostly wiped out by a %#%^ migraine. But I have gotten a lot accomplished: sorted, organized, threw out a bunch of stuff we don't need anymore, put aside other stuff for the Birthright thrift shop, and things of that nature. Tomorrow F has to get her stuff ready to go back to school. She's doing her laundry today.

I don't know why we accumulate all this STUFF. Every time the seasons change, when I put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters, or vice versa, I find clothes that we can't or won't use anymore and off they go to the thrift shop. Where does it all come from? We don't go clothes-shopping that often. People at work tell me they go through the same thing.

I have some little plastic tubs for saving leftovers and packing lunches, and somehow I have about twice as many tops as I have bottoms. How does that ever happen?

Why is it so hard to throw things away? I found a concave metal disk, about 4 in. across, and when R got home asked him what it was. He stared at it a moment, brow wrinkled in thought, and finally decided it was the end piece from a lighting unit that was taken off when we installed a ceiling fan, probably 4 or 5 years ago. We will never, never use it again. If the ceiling fan is removed, which we don't anticipate ever doing, there will be a new lighting unit purchased. Why was that stupid thing stuck in a drawer?

It's like junk DNA. Probably everything served a purpose once, but no longer. It just hangs around.

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