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Monday, February 27, 2006

This is a sad story about George Michael. And he looks like heck in that picture.

The report of finding him slumped over in his car reminds me of a funny/scary thing that happened in my neighborhood one day. I came home from my deaconly duties early one Sunday morning and passed a car parked on the side of the road. The woman behind the wheel had her head propped on her arm, against the driver's side window. Something about that looked funny to me. When R and I went back to actually go to church that morning, I wanted to drive that way again and see if she was still there. She was. I pulled over in front of her and told R that I'd seen her earlier and I was worried that she was dead or something. He nicely went back to her car - I watched him through the rearview mirror - and started pecking on the glass. I could see him saying "Ma'am? Ma'am?" At first she didn't move and I thought she really was dead but suddenly her arm dropped and I saw her head turn to look at R. They talked for a moment and then he came back to the car and told me that she was OK, she'd just been sleeping. But the funny thing was that as he walked away from her car, a firetruck pulled up behind her and paramedics got out and approached her car. Apparently somebody else had seen her and been alarmed too, and they went on and called 911. How mortifying for her. At least R woke her up so maybe she had her wits about her when she talked to the paramedics. I guess she'll find somewhere else to take her naps, ha ha.

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