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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Also yesterday F got her room assignment. They did put her in the honors college dorm, which she was not sure about because the room application didn't have anywhere to put "honors college" or dorm or anything like that on it, and she got the roommate of her choice. Her renewable scholarships renewed, too, so she is set. She moves back to school on August 13. It feels different this year than last year - a lot easier for her and for us. We need to pick up the pace now on the math we're reviewing over the summer. F doesn't feel that she had a good math preparation in high school. I think the teachers rely far too much on graphing calculators - I've gone on about that before, I think. If I haven't, I will. But I found my own old pre-cal textbook from college, before the days that the calculators were supposed to understand and do all your work for you, and we've made a start at going through that. F took pre-cal in high school and had a decent grade but she wants to go through it again and nail it down. I think it's a good idea. You don't want to skim over this stuff just to check it off your list, you want to make sure you get it.

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