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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I may get a j. i. next week. Haven't ruled out Kalamazoo, but options must be considered. But I have to get over this bronchitis so I'm not coughing myself silly or stoned from the codeine. Yes, my nice doctor prescribed codeine for me yesterday because the tessalon perles he prescribed Monday just aren't doing the job. Codeine knocks out the cough, but it knocks me out too. But maybe this weekend I can just sleep.

Why bronchitis all of a sudden? "Something's blooming," he helpfully said.

I dreamed the other night about a big coffee can that had a lot of tools in it: a hammer, a pencil, a 12-inch ruler, etc. In my dream I was taking these tools out one at a time, looking at them, and putting them back in. It was a happy dream. I think I was dreaming about my skill set, as outlined on my resume and on the three-page cover letter I sent to a headhunter last week. (He liked it.)

I had to miss the brown bag lunch yesterday b/c when I got through with the doctor at 11:30 I was so tired I just called in and went to bed. But I told them that I might not come back and that they were to go on without me.

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