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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Baaaaackkk to the vet today. Somehow our indoor Bonnie got fleas and she speedily transferred them to the other cats. We have tried three different flea treatments that we bought at Petco with only slight success. F has been telling me that the tomcat's tail is in bad shape b/c he keeps licking it. R and I trimmed some fur away and took a look last night - holy cow. I know flea bites can drive them nuts, but I didn't feel comfortable assuming that that was his skin problem. Turns out that was his problem, so he got a steroid shot, a dose of Frontline (and we bought enough for the girls, plus another set for next month) and we went on and got his rabies shot so he won't have to go back soon.

I hate to tell you what this cost. Damn cats.

R went with. Normally F and I take them to the vet, one at a time of course, the girls on their harness and leash, and Himself in a solvent box. But R said he'd carry him. The cat is 15 years old but he is wiry and strong. I would not have attempted it. He did fine with R carrying him, though. R is his buddy. He was much less stressed than he usually is, with R there, but even so there was growling and hissing and even a bite or two. Poor kitty. (I always think it's funny when I'm sitting in a chair reading or something, and he grimly and arthritically clambers into my lap, displaces my book, and settles himself where he can stare into my face. "Aren't you supposed to be aloof?" I ask.)

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