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Saturday, March 10, 2007

F is home for spring break.

We tried to buy some jeans this morning. No luck. Every pair of blue jeans in the world is bitter ashes and snake venom.

The jeans must:
1 Be actual denim, and not have the fake distressed or obviously faded look. (That eliminates 90% right there.)
2 Not come up to her belly button, but not be so low as to ... you know.
3 Have a reasonable flare. No taper.
4 Not be excessively tight in the thigh.

And finally -

5 Fit. F has a knockout figure. She has a tiny waist, and apart from that is actually quite curvy. It's hard to find pants that don't fit too tight around the butt and don't stand out from her waist in the back. If she can find some not-too-low low riders, that should help the waist issue. Levi's size 6 slims would probably do the trick except that this year she can't find any that she can STAND. After her nap (and my nap) we might go to Sears to check out the Lee and Land's End brand stuff they have there.

We did find some cute shoes at Target.

They're just crying out for some new jeans, don't you think? Or maybe capris.

Edit: Success, sort of. Levi's 515s. They do not flare as much as desired, but they are viewed with resigned acceptance rather than overt dislike. Sears had exactly one pair in her size.


class-factotum said...

You might want to consider the Goodwill store by U Memphis. They have a lot of old jeans (ie, older styles) that might fit the bill. Unfortunately, they are probably distressed. The good thing is they cost only $5/pair. Junior League Thrift Shop also has a lot of jeans.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

I think authentically distressed jeans would be OK. It's the fakeness she objects to.

We'll probably check those out - thanks!

Tsiporah said...

Ugh!!! I hate shopping for jeans, because just when I find a brand and style I like they change it up on me. I feel her pain.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

It's like they think everybody has to be at the forefront of fashion at all times. Even retro is fashionable because it has to be a certain kind of retro.

Not everyone is a slave to fashion.

CreoleInDC said...

It's been awhile since I've bought a new pair of jeans. It's such a hassle to search for a pair. Glad you guys did it successfully!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

If it's been a while, Monnie, then brace yourself when you do go to buy some. The world of blue jeans ain't like it used to be.

So what did you think of the shoes - hotNESS or hotMESS?

Ha ha.