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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ophthalmologist this AM. My correction is getting "tuned up" as he said, not a big change but a noticeable one. I'm glad b/c it's gotten to where I can't see a dang thing. You know the stereotype about one's vision going to heck in one's forties - "does it seem like there's never enough light?" Yes, I find myself glancing at the ceiling in an annoyed manner wondering why they don't replace the burnt-out bulbs, only there aren't any. I suppose the lenses will come in next week when it will not be convenient for me to leave work to get them. It was expressed to me at the optical shop that I should "upgrade" my 6- or 7-year-old frames, but I declined. The lenses are expensive enough.

Took F to lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant we like. She thinks the waiter is cute. To me he looks like a spotty, surly teenager, but what do I know. I was made to eat with chopsticks so she would not feel dumb eating with hers. I really miss F when she's at school. I suppose we'll take her back Saturday or Sunday.

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