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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bonnie had a good checkup on Saturday. No parasites. They called today and said her bloodwork was perfect. So she should be good to go.

Bonnie was very well-behaved at the vet's office. The vet said we had ourselves a real sweetheart there - we knew that. She sat up like the lady she is and let them do what they wanted, no flinching when she had her vaccinations and so forth. Molly, who goes Saturday week, will be a different story. She detests being messed with and growls like a dog - the vet in Memphis said she'd never heard a cat do that before. I never have either. We'll have to ask the vet if it's harmful to Molly to eat lizards, not that I'll know what to do about it if it is. They get in the house, she finds them and eats them from nose to tail, leaving not so much as a toe. Yes, it's gross. I guess it's the alley cat in her, hence her eating cornbread and popcorn and potato chips. Bonnie being a Himalayan mix is much more refined and won't eat anything not labeled CAT FOOD.


Kate P said...

Himalayans have such pretty fur--does Bonnie like to be brushed? My cat undergoes a complete personality transformation at the vet--they all think she's a timid sweetheart, and not the crazy calico she is at home. Including her alley cat ways like drinking out of the kitchen sink and climbing the bathroom door jamb!

My aunt and uncle had a cat that ate corn on the cob; they had found her as a kitten near a cornfield, so maybe she had eaten corn to survive.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Bonnie doesn't like to be brushed. If you try to brush her she will stand up, smiling, sidle out of your reach, and sit down again. She's really very polite.

Kate P said...

That is polite! I am impressed.