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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Afternoon at Clearwater Beach

What you can't see here is how incredibly white and cold and powdery and deep the sand is. And what a lovely day - I think the brightness overwhelmed the color of the sky and the sea.

R and I walked a good distance along the beach. We saw some really cool shells, including intact sanddollars - I think I've never seen those wild before. The water made pretty ripples and shadows against the sand.

Of course, cold as it was, I had to walk in it. I am constitutionally unable to refrain from walking barefoot in the ocean. At least I didn't wade off in it and get my clothes wet, as I usually do.

We went out onto the pier and looked at the crafts people had for sale. I bought a bit of artwork that caught my eye. The artist is local (actually a transplant from England I think) and his pictures are all very charming.

Driving back across Tampa Bay


Deb said...

I've had this almost uncontrollable urge to go to Savannah lately. I love Savannah. I love it as much as i love Atlanta, in spite of it being landlocked. Those pictures are not helping me overcome my need to take a road trip.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Ha ha, sorry.

The pictures aren't very good. I think I need a camera with an aperture I can step down.

Mrs. Who said...

Beautiful pictures...lived a good part of my life in or near Florida but never made it there. Have to put it on my list.