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Sunday, October 22, 2006

F was in town this weekend for a flying visit. She and a friend came up on Friday. They went to the Agicenter Friday eve. for the corn maze (a little pun there, methinks - "maize" maze?)(well, yes, now that I actually look at the site I linked to), to the cat shelter and the zoo on Saturday, and the concert they actually came up for on Saturday eve., and to church with us on Sunday before they headed back to school. I have to say that it is gratifying when one's grown child takes for granted that she (and her friend) will be attending church, and takes the trouble to pack appropriate church clothes. She attends church in her college town, too - I know this because she got letters over the summer.

We have no heat in the house right now. Every year R has lit the pilot light on the furnace and said "this is the last year", and this year he said it really isn't safe and he isn't going to do it anymore. So he had somebody out to look at it, and this person balked at our old Midtown house (duh) and the stairs to the basement, etc. Apparently the original one wasn't installed according to code, which it might have been at the time because it was old when we moved here in 1990. But it will probably be a big deal to replace, she said sighing. It isn't very cold yet, but I'll be glad when we can warm up the house in the morning. This could get to be a bit more character-building than I really care for, even with the gas fireplace and the wall heaters in the bathrooms. (Oh gosh, I am spoiled.) On the other hand, our utility bills will be fairly merciful.

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