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Friday, June 22, 2007

Okay, I won't keep you all in suspense any longer.

I was out of town on a trip with the two owners earlier this week. Got a call from the Chattanooga folks, with an offer. The money wasn't quite as much as the Florida job, which I wanted more anyway, so that made it easy.

What wasn't easy was that at this conference there were people with the company I am going to. I was introduced to them as "the best lab manager anybody has, anywhere, ever" or something like that. Felt like a worm.

After getting home, I talked with R and F, we thought about it, and determined that our minds are made up. That is, R's and my minds are made up, and F has committed to the program. So I emailed the Chattanooga folks thanking them for their generous offer and telling them that I am going elsewhere, and called the Florida people to say that I am coming. They are thrilled. Unthrilled is my boss, who knew this was in the works. I gave him a signed letter today. And I called the CEO and told him. He's not thrilled either. R's boss is so unthrilled that he's trying very hard to find me another job here in town - isn't that sweet?

So that's that. I have 2 weeks to work, and 2 weeks unemployed to try to prepare for leaving this place. R will stay to sell the house, but I need to do a lot of stuff. We've been here 17 years, after all. My future boss says he doesn't think that will give me enough time, so we'll be flexible about my start date, if need be.

In other news, F had an MRI yesterday in support of her attempt to conquer her migraines. She had a sedative, which the neurologist had prescribed to get her through it, but I still ended up holding her hands throughout. She's been taking Imitrex and other meds in an attempt to see what will knock these things out. So far no dice, except for one that did knock her headache out for a while but it knocked her out too. F woke up this morning with a really outstanding aura and tried yet another med. She says she could feel the headache trying to happen but didn't have to take a second dose for 12 hours. This could be the one. I'm also eyeing her diet - she wanted a Sonic corndog for lunch yesterday after her MRI, and R got her a salad for dinner with ham on it, so processed meat could be a trigger. We'll try to avoid that for a while.

She is on Nadolol, which is definitely helping me.

And so it goes.


Tsiporah said...

Congratulations on the new position. Now comes the hard part packing and moving, but I am sure it will be all worth it.

I hope meds work for F's migranes for the long term.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was passing thru from CreoleinDC to check out your site. I began to have migraines about 5 years ago and nothing helped me..unitl I cut out caffeine. And by no caffeine, i mean not even chocolate. I would get at least 1 a month until this past spring. I gave up caffeine and fasted for Lent and haven't had one since. I began to do a little research and found that others have had the same result. If you haven't already give it a try, it can't hurt.

CreoleInDC said...


Had Princess tried Relpax?

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Thanks for the congrats and good wishes.

The neurologist did talk to F about caffeine. F is not much of a coffee drinker. She's switched from cola to sparkling water, which is better anyway. Don't know if she can give up chocolate but we probably ought to try for a while at least. I made a nice lunch for her (and me) today, steamed yellow crookneck squash and zucchini and onion, and cornbread - yummy!

Haven't tried Relpax. Zomig may do the trick.

Monnie, I may have to send you an airline ticket and get you to help me!

CreoleInDC said...

Well? Did Zomig work?

Laura(southernxyl) said...

We are tentatively hopeful that it is. Also, as the nadolol builds up it may be decreasing the intensity of the headaches. No side effects, so we can increase that if need be. She is off caffeine and processed meat, and trying to limit sugar.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Thank you for asking.