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Sunday, March 22, 2009

So I took this quiz offered by the Center for American Liberals Progress and my score is 149/400, making me "very conservative"; the "average score" (meaning I suppose the average score of people who have visited this liberal site) being 209.5.

In fact, according to them I am off the chart.

Quelle suprise. I will cry all the rest of the day.

(Edited to add: Look where Obama voters land on this thing. I suppose that progressives are cool with making fun of the disabled.)

(Edited to fix "quelle".)


theobromophile said...

I scored a 100/400 on it.

Most of the questions seemed to beg another question, such as "lowering taxes" or "spending more on education." Those are relative terms, and have no meaning standing alone. Maybe that was the point.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

You're right about those questions.

I suppose that my total agreement that "life begins at conception" pushed me way down the table.

Deb said...

Whoa, I scored 94/400. Less than half the score of the group I would be in. Positively reactionary.