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Saturday, March 28, 2009

There are lots of little dramas in catland that I do not get.


Kate P said...

That is SO true. I also want to know what goes on in their imaginations that makes them think there is something else behind the kitchen cabinet door besides baking pans and towels.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Bonnie meowed at the front door today so I walked out with her. Instead of turning right and going down to the bird-of-paradise tree as she almost always does, she started marching toward the street. Stopped several feet away, staring across the street, then hurried back to where I was standing in the drive and got behind me.

There was NOTHING across the street. NO dogs, cats, birds, or anything.

Then she hurried into the house. After meowing to go out, you understand.

What. Ever.

As to the kitchen cabinet door - maybe they're looking for Aslan.

Kate P said...

You know, it spooks me a little when they get spooked like that and run back inside for no apparent reason. My cat does that when she escapes into the hallway here (but it makes me kind of glad because I don't need her running all over the apartment building).

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Our kitties have a double food dish and they've taken to eating the food in the north end all the way to bare plastic, but leaving the food in the south end. After I topped it off day before yesterday I told my husband I probably should have emptied it first, b/c the south end probably has a bug in it or something that the kitties find off-putting. "Turn it around," he suggested, so I did. They're still eating out of the north side only.