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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yesterday I got a call from F with some really great news. She had to take an exit exam which would determine whether she gets to graduate with her B.S. in May. We didn't have those in my day, and I think it's kind of horrifying that you can invest 4 years of your life, not to mention tuition and so forth, to get that degree, and be prevented from getting it by not doing well enough on a single test that you take in your last semester. OTOH, having met people with science degrees who were pretty horrifying in the lab, I understand what the school is trying to do. They're trying to fix it so that if you have a diploma saying that you have a B.S. from that school, you have at least a minimal knowledge base. The test she had is given to senior Biology majors at various schools and is nationally normed. She had to score at the 20th percentile at least, meaning that they don't want anyone who would be in the bottom 5th nationwide to have that degree.

She scored at the 70th.

Way to go, F! I am so proud of my girl.

Chip off the old block, if I do say so.


Kate P said...

Way to go!!!

Mrs. Who said...

Congratulations to her!