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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The cats are running through the house like mad things. I wonder sometimes what thoughts they could have in their tiny brains. It's true that their brains don't have to manage language or opposable thumbs, but they do have to process input from their whiskers, independently direct their ears, and control their tails. And they constantly make scentscapes of their surroundings. They are good at figuring out and exploiting our schedules. Our tomcat, whose picture I posted the other day, knows that I am first up in the morning, and that I always deal with the litterbox right before bed. So he watches me to see when I am going into the bathroom - he's watching me now - because he will want to jump into the bathtub and meow at me to turn the water on so he can wet his whistle. The cats' water dish in the kitchen is freshened daily, and he drinks from that, but the water in the bathtub is different.

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