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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This was our Molly a year ago, when she was still a kitten. She found a roll of paper towels and started ripping it up. We just put her on the floor and let her have at it. She had a lot of fun pulling off bits with her teeth and throwing them around - you can't see the whole mess she made - and alternately going into frenzies of ripping and clawing, and stopping to stare at us.

Well, Molly isn't a kitten anymore. Her newest trick is to jump onto the Canon i860 printer when someone is at the computer, and bite or slap at the "on" button until she turns it on. As soon as the light starts flashing she leaves the button alone and whirls around to stare intently into the slot where the paper goes.

Molly's always been fascinated by that printer. She just knows some tiny troll or something lives inside to make noise and pull paper through, and one of these days it's going to slip up and she's going to catch it. Now that she can turn the printer on, she figures she stands a pretty good chance of that.


GraY FoX said...

lol send you kitty to an IT college or hire her as an executive secretary ;)

change destiny said...

Lovely cat . I used to have one . But mine was much more intersted in the dvd player . She used to love sleeping on it . 21ST century cats ... LOL