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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

There's some kind of horrible flu-like illness going around. I say "flu-like" because R refuses to admit he might have the flu: he had the shot, after all. Yesterday evening he suddenly announced that his throat was sore, and tonight he is prostrated.

A couple of years ago I made F get the flu shot. She'd had the flu every single year for, like, 3 years in a row. F is very fortunate in that she's only once been sick enough to need an injection other than her routine immunizations, so she wasn't thrilled about getting that shot. She was even less thrilled when she got the flu anyway. I semi-shouted at the doctor - "But we got the flu shot! WE GOT THE DADGUM FLU SHOT!" while he laughed at me and F whispered in her ruined voice, "I told you! I told you!" Last year she had the flu YET AGAIN. I hope that now she's out of her Petri dish of a high school she can dodge that bullet.

Echinacea. Vitamin C. Fingers crossed.

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