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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I got a kick in the pants today.

We had a dinner at church, for Thanksgiving, and the choir sang Rutter's arrangement of "For the Beauty of the Earth". I knew I wouldn't have much time to eat before choir practice at 7:00, but I hurried over right after work. The line was far too long to get food before we sang, so I asked if the kitchen would still be open afterwards - "Of course!" I was really hungy and the food smelled great. Everybody else either got there early enough to get food or had someone get a tray for them - R had to work late and couldn't be there. After we sang I stood in line forever, and right before I got up there - they ran out of food. I went straight to McDonald's, cursing (!) and feeling sorry for myself. I knew it wasn't anybody's fault; we had a much bigger turnout than expected. But dang.

After choir, I had to stop off at Walgreen's to get some cat litter because we were out, and when you have 3 cats... well, anyway. So I got back to the car, and there stood a little hunched-over woman with a blanket wrapped around her. She asked to speak to me, and in a soft voice I had to lean over to hear, she asked me to give her a ride to Piggly Wiggly. She was cold, her feet were soaked, etc. I just never let a stranger get in the car with me or come in my house, but I did tell her I would give her a ride. It turned out she was going to PW to beg enough money ($7) for a night in a shelter - not much luck begging at Walgreen's. I pulled into a parking lot and felt around in my pockets and found $7 and gave it to her. But she still was going to have to beg, because she'd had nothing to eat, and she really wanted enough money for 3 nights in that shelter. There was a lot of other conversation, you understand. So I went to the ATM and took out $30, and told her we'd get her some supper and she could have the rest. She started crying. I asked myself if I was thoroughly ashamed of myself for whining about having to have supper at McDonald's, and concluded that I was. We went by KFC and got her some chicken, and then I took her where she needed to go. When she got out of the car she gestured for me to lock my doors, then waved goodbye.

So, attitude adjustment. I hope it stays with me.


Homer said...

What a nice person you are. She was lucky you picked her up.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Homer, she told me God always looks out for her. That made me think, too. I think she has a lot more faith than I do. I tend to fret a lot about material things when I know they don't really matter.

Homer said...

Hmm... call me cynical but I think I'd find it hard to believe God was looking out for me if I had to beg on the streets to stay alive.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

I think she just wants her daily bread. As long as she has something in her stomach and she's not on the street, she's satisfied.

Oldsmoblogger said...

Bless you.

sleepyin saudi said...

Now THAT was inspirational! And here I was feeling sorry for myself becase I had agreed to go to a friends catered Thanksgiving party and I didn't think the food was going to be very good. I'm thankful now just to have food and friends that would invite me to a party.
Homer-- doesn't it say that we may entertain angles unaware? You just never know.