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Monday, September 18, 2006

I know the entire world is waiting to see how my first day on the new job went.

It went OK.

It's kind of strange going from one job to another so quickly. I worked at the previous one pretty hard until about 4:45 on Friday, when I got to a reasonable stopping place and told my boss that I was rapidly losing interest. So I had one weekend for the anxiety dreams (don't remember one last night, fortunately) and now that I've actually started at the new place maybe I can skip ahead to the next set. Probably I'll dream about finding myself at work in my underwear tonight or tomorrow night.

But I had some thinking time today, to think about the issues I probably need to start with and how I'm going to handle stuff, and questions I have for various people. Everyone is still being very nice. I hope that continues. I see them being nice to each other, so it probably will.

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