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Monday, September 25, 2006

Second week on the new job started today. I did go back.
: )

Yesterday afternoon R and I started out to go to the grocery store. But the day was so nice, cool and bright. R said we really ought to go to Shelby Farms instead. I said, "Let's do." So we u-turned the truck and went out to Patriot Lake, and parked, and walked around the lake. That place always reminds me of "Saturday In the Park". Kids, grownups, old folks, bicycles, kites. One guy had a contraption that R and I guessed must have been a para-ski - he held a huge sail-like kite and was dragged across (and occasionally into) the lake on a cross-ways ski. We had a wonderful time. Plenty of time to go to the store when we were done.

This evening after work we went to an American Chemical Society meeting, had dinner and then heard a very interesting talk by a former ACS president about patent medicine and the first FDA legislation, around the turn of the last century.

I guess the rest of the week will be work and home, work and home. R is slowly but surely getting the house painted. I need to do some housework. I have been doing housework for several decades now, and it is beginning to get a bit tedious to me.

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